Model samochodu Zonda skala 1-12 wykonany w aluminium

Zonda alu model machined on CNC, scale 1:12

Część sztucznego serca

Impeller for pump of artificial heart

Palisada łopatkowa sprężarki z przepływem naddźwiękowym

Part of radial compressor with supersonic flow

Stemple do prasowania szyby reflektora samochodowego

Plungers for glass-pressing of head light pane

Mould for high pressure casting

Mould for high pressure casting of magnesium

Forma do produkcji rekawic gumowych specjalnych

Mould for production of special rubber gloves

Steel impeller for radial compressor

Steel impeller for radial compressor

Część struktury samolotu


The specialty of the company is making elements of fluid-flow machines such as: steam and gas turbine blades, rotors of pumps, blowers and radial compressors – rotors are made of aluminum alloys (semi-open) and steel (covered), designed for multi-stage radial compressors.

Small series of aviation parts and aerodynamic aircraft models are also produced.

In the area of interests of Computer Progress, there are also works for biomedical engineering, such as the production of custom design titanium endoprostheses, artificial heart parts, laboratory equipment.

In addition to the aforementioned, injection molds for plastics, molds for thermoforming, metallurgical forms for pressing glass, molds for pressure casting of aluminum and magnesium are produced.